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First Alien Base On Earth Found, See More Details Here

First Alien Base On Earth Found, See More Details Here
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First Alien Base On Earth Found, See More Details Here

Ever looked into the stars and wonder if there’s life out there? Turns out we were looking at the wrong direction because an alleged alien base has been found here on Earth.

A mysterious circular floating island was discovered on Google Earth prompting many to believe that this could be the entrance to a secret base. The island appears to be too perfect to be dismissed as something created though natural causes.

A group found the alleged entrance during the shooting of a film in Argentina and can be described as shocking to say the least. They have also called the structure “The Eye” and have already made one grueling to its location.

According to Express, a team has launched a probe to investigate the alleged alien base. The filmmakers also want to return to the site with geologists, biologists, ufologists and other paranormal investigators.

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It was described as floating and rotating island in the middle of a lake. This also gives it the appearance of a floating castle surrounded by a moat like those found in medieval Europe.

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott C. Waring revealed that the floating island appeared to be rotating around the lake. This led him to believe that the formation was created through artificial means to cover a secret entrance.

In his blog, Waring wrote that Argentina has observed more UFO sightings that the rest of the world. With this recent discovery, he now believes this is how the base was kept hidden from humans.

Waring added that the entrance is circular and big enough for a 100 meter UFO to pass through. In order to find what’s beneath, the water under the structure needs to be explored further by divers.

A Kickstarter fund has been set up to fund the expedition to the alleged alien base. So far, the fund has made less than $6500 out of the targeted amount of $50,000.

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