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Firefox OS Launches Its Own Smartphone worth $33 in India

Firefox OS Launches Its Own Smartphone worth $33 in India


Firefox OS Launches Its Own Smartphone worth $33 in India

Firefox OS Launches Its Own Smartphone worth $33 in IndiaFinally, Mozilla has launched its own smartphone that comes with pre-installed Firefox OS mobile operating system. If you are asking why you have not seen one in the market, you may have to wait indefinitely. That is because the company has initially released the device in India, which is among the key markets that it has been targeting.

The smartphone is called Cloud FX and it is manufactured by Indian mobile phone maker Intex Technologies. It was just released today (August 25) for, hold your breath, 1,999 rupees. That is equivalent to just $33. It can be found and purchased online through

Apparently, the new device was originally priced at 2,490 rupees or $41. However, due to marketing considerations, the involved parties marked down the price tag.

Main features

In a statement, Mozilla said the new smartphone marks its entry into the ultra-low category of mobile phones. It thanked Intex for this collaboration in bringing this cheap entry-level device and in creating a promising momentum for Firefox OS in Asia.

Cloud FX has a 3.5-inch screen. It is also equipped with a 2-megapixel camera and a 1GHz processor. Users would rave that it comes with a dual SIM capability so the users can have two numbers possibly from different networks in a single handset. This smartphone supports Tamil, Hindi, and of course English languages.

According to analysts, Mozilla has a strong chance of making a successful entry into its chosen mobile category. However, some skeptics still underline how the company has reacted late to the trend.

Tough competition

In India, Cloud FX would still face strong competition. The local market is currently flooded with popular devices from Motorola and Samsung. Even the newcomer Xiamo from China has already started making waves in the Indian mobile device market.

In terms of software, Firefox OS would be competing head on with Google’s free Android One platform and Microsoft Corp’s Windows Phone OS, which like Android is also offered to consumers for free.

Previously, Mozilla announced that two Indian manufacturers would design and produce its smartphones. Aside from Intex, Spice is also expected to release its own version of a Firefox OS smartphone soon. In June, when Mozilla first announced plans to launch its own handsets, it said it could release a cheap smartphone for as low as $25. 

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