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Firefox Continues to Lose Overall Browser Share

Firefox Continues to Lose Overall Browser Share


Firefox Continues to Lose Overall Browser Share

Firefox Continues to Lose Overall Browser ShareMozilla’s Firefox continues its losing streak in terms of overall browser share globally. According to data released by Net Applications, the browser’s total user share fell to 12.9% in June. That number includes the combination of desktop as well as mobile browsing activities.

According to analysts, Firefox continues to bleed because of its failing attempt to finally capture mobile users particularly those using smartphones. Inability to attract the mobile audience has been the browser’s problem for quite some time now.

Mozilla has long offered its browser on Android. Its own mobile operating system, Firefox OS, has also started to appear on several smartphones. But still, its mobile share lags far behind those of its competitors.

Firefox on the decline

For the eighth consecutive month, Firefox’s desktop version has also been losing browser share. In June, it fell 1.3% to just about 15.4%. In the same period last year, the browser’s share dropped 3.6% to 19%. This shows that Firefox on desktop is also continuously losing its grip.

It does not help that Mozilla’s contract with Google is set to end this November. The deal assigns Google as the default search engine for Firefox customers. It has been the company’s source of income for some time. In 2012, for instance, Mozilla earned $272 million from Google. That translates to about 88% of its overall revenue for that year.

It is not surprising if there will be setbacks in this year’s contract renewal negotiations between Mozilla and Google. It is expected that Mozilla will do the bargaining because of its much weaker current position. It has lost up to 43% of its user share from June 2011.

Competing browsers

Firefox is not the only browser in trouble. Apple Inc’s Safari is also on the decline. On the desktop, Safari’s browser share dropped to 12.3%, lower than the desktop browser share of Firefox. Safari on iOS also declined in June, an indication that the browser is losing steam on its niche.

Microsoft Corp’s Internet Explorer is still on top of the desktop browser race. Its share was 58.4% in June. However, on mobile, IE remains one of the weakest ones, with just 2% of mobile browser share for the same month.   

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