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Firefighters Hang Christmas Lights For A Man After He Fell Off A Ladder

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Firefighters Hang Christmas Lights For A Man After He Fell Off A Ladder

A man who fell from a ladder while hanging Christmas lights at his home received a pleasant surprise.

Erik Gaines was decorating his house with Christmas lights. The accident occurred after the base of the ladder kicked out from underneath him. Gaines suffered a serious fall as his left leg got stuck in the one of rungs of the ladder.

Firefighters hang Christmas lights for the man who fell from ladder.

Following the arrival of the firefighters, Gaines was transported to the hospital where he was treated for a torn rotator cuff, broken leg and a chipped bone on his shoulder. As reported by ABC News, he learned at the hospital that the firefighters who had rescued him would be returning to his house on their day off to complete the decorations.

One of the firefighters who hung the lights was Sean Irwin. “They were so upset, so we thought let’s just give back and spread a little joy,” Irwin said. “We thought it’d be cool if they pulled in home from the hospital and they had their lights up.”

Eric Gaines to undergo one more surgery.

Although Gaines has returned from the hospital, he will undergo one more surgery. “They called when we got home from the hospital and made sure the timers were all working for the lights to go on and off and offered to come back after the first of the year to take the lights down,” Gaines said.

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