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Firefighter Catches Baby From A Burning Building In A Dramatic Rescue

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Firefighter Catches Baby From A Burning Building In A Dramatic Rescue

It is almost like a scene from a movie. A firefighter catches a baby boy dropped from the second story of a burning building in order to save his life.

An apartment building in Dekalb County, Georgia was burning intensely on Tuesday. As firefighters responded to the scene, they soon realized that there is a father trapped in the second floor.

The smoke and flames had been so bad that the father was barely visible at first. ” We pulled up; we see a lot of smoke and flames. At first, we didn’t know it was an actual entrapment,” firefighter Robert Sutton recalled. According to him, he only saw the father when he got around the corner or the building and someone pushed a screen out from a window in the second floor. “I started making my way back and that is when I actually seen the father,” Sutton recalled. He was holding his baby and trying to desperately call out for help.

Firefighter tells father to drop the baby.

“Walking toward that area and I see the father actually holding the baby outside the window and that is when I ran over,” Sutton told NBC 11. At that moment, Sutton knew that he had to do something to help the man’s baby. His training kicked in and he decided to make a bold decision. He then asked the father to drop his baby. “I told the father to drop him and as soon as he dropped him, I grabbed him and ran him straight to the med unit,” Sutton explained.

Sutton’s heroic catch managed to save the baby’s life. In fact, the little boy reportedly did not suffer any injuries as a result of the fire or the fall. Sutton said it was the very first time that he has had to catch a baby from a burning building.

Following the incident, Sutton is being hailed a hero. However, the father of two said he is just like any other firefighter in his unit. ” I just did what any of the other firefighters out here would have done,” Sutton told Fox 5.

Thanks to Sutton, a baby is saved. Meanwhile, the baby’s father is also reportedly doing fine after the fire.

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