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‘Finding Dory’ Review: Finding Nemo Was Way Better

‘Finding Dory’ Review: Finding Nemo Was Way Better
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‘Finding Dory’ Review: Finding Nemo Was Way Better

Amid fans’ excitement to finally see the blue tang fish on the big screen, “Finding Dory” reviews suggested that the film cannot hold a torch to “Finding Nemo.”

Is there a problem with  the cinematography of “Finding Dory, or is it reallly because of the plot of the “Finding Nemo” sequel?

According to Peter Rainer of CS Monitor, there are some scenes or moments in the Walt Disney film that he finds “rollicky,” which makes its predecessor much better.

“The inventiveness of the animation is not matched by the frayed workmanship of the story line, in which the hyperforgetful blue tang Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) searches for her long-lost parents,” he noted in his “Finding Dory” review, while adding that the team behind it must have “created new worlds” rather than just “re-tread old ones.”

Another critic, David Chen of Slash Film, pointed out in his own review that there is the lack of originality of “Finding Dory” bothers him. Despite its 95 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Chen was firm in saying that “Finding Nemo” was a better film that “Finding Dory,” though he enjoyed watching the sequel.

“It borrows story beats liberally from the first film (as well as other Pixar films), but what it lacks in originality it tries to make up for in heart,” he stated.

When it comes to its story, Chen emphasized in his “Finding Dory” review on the character of Gerald, one of the two characters who cannot talk, who was bullied by fellow sea lions Fluke and Rudder.

The film critic narrated that whenever he seeks shelter on the bully sea lions’ rock, they shouted at him and pushed him back to the ocean. This type of scene, accordingly, left the screening audience laughing.

“Both of these characters feel like cheap jokes,” he declared in his “Finding Dory” review. “For the kids that are in the audience, they send a pretty clear message: It’s okay to laugh at people who are different, or who aren’t as smart as you are.”

In the wake of negative comments about the second installment of the Andrew Stanton-film, WNCT dished that while Dory appeared “sweet and forgetful” in the film, it is not the type of fish that can be someone’s pet as it can grow to as big as one foot and feeds on vegetation along with mice.

“Blue hippos are not a well fish to put in a home aquarium and it’s just because it’s hard to match the ocean, and you can’t get the natural environment in your reef tanks,”Petco’s Braxton Squires said about the famed “Finding Dory” lead star.

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