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‘Finding Dory’ PG Rating Implies Harm For Children, Blue Tang Extinction

‘Finding Dory’ PG Rating Implies Harm For Children, Blue Tang Extinction
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‘Finding Dory’ PG Rating Implies Harm For Children, Blue Tang Extinction

“Finding Dory” rating is graded PG. This implies that it may not be suitable for children.

Watching Pixar’s latest movie offering should be under the supervision of a guardian as Forbes reported that “Finding Dory” was tagged as rated PG.

“Finding Dory” follows the story of Nemo and Marlin’s friend Dory, a blue tang fish who lost her memory.

Its bares how Dory search for her family whom she does not remember and eventually learning the meaning of having a family as she goes on her quest.

According to Forbes’ Scott Mendelson, “Finding Dory” is breaking the consistent record of Pixar films of having a G-rating. The writer noted that it is because of the story’s “mild thematic elements.”

Moreover, a repot from Hakai magazine said that “Finding Dory” may trigger people to buy more blue tangs as pet that may lead to the breed’s extinction.

The report said that when “Finding Nemo” was released in 2003, the sales of the clownfish were increased by 40 percent.

Now, with the new Pixar’s film release of the “Finding Nemo” sequel that focuses on blue tangs, researchers said that it may cause the same effect.

Researcher Eric Cassiano said that they are now growing blue tangs in laboratories to save and protect the breed from possible extinction.

“The goal of the experiment was simple: to raise in a lab, for the first time, Pacific blue tangs from freshly laid eggs to fully formed iconic reef fish,” the report said, adding that researchers are pressured due to the release of the Pixar film.

“When Finding Dory comes out, my personal opinion is that people won’t be able to buy enough [blue tangs],” research Eric Cassiano says. “That leads down the dark path of how we are going to get more of them. And that could be a problem.”

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