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Finally! You Can Now Install Oculus Rift Games On A Drive Of Your Choice

Finally! You Can Now Install Oculus Rift Games On A Drive Of Your Choice
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Finally! You Can Now Install Oculus Rift Games On A Drive Of Your Choice

Oculus Rift, being among the very first virtual reality headsets, has its own flaws. One of which was the storage problem. Whenever you install Oculus Rift games, they used to directly go to the drive where Windows is installed. Could users move the games later to another drive? No! The option was not available.

With the latest Oculus Rift update, the scenario has finally changed. Users can now install Oculus Rift games on another drive as well. This will allow Rift owners to save space and download more games. When the option was not available, users could download only two or three games before they ran out of space.

Venture Beat’s reporter, Jeff Grubb while speaking of his experience wrote in a report, “Up to this point, the Oculus software would automatically add every download to the same drive where you have Windows installed. For me — and many others — Windows is on my smaller, faster SSD, and I only installed four games before running out of space. Meanwhile, I didn’t have the option to move any of that data over to my relatively empty 3TB hard drive.” Installing Oculus Rift games to any driver you wish to is easy for new buyers, but if you already own the headset, here is how to get the update:

Take a backup of data > Uninstall Oculus Software > Install the latest app > Restore data from backup

For backup, shut down the app first. Open the Start Menu and select Run. A window will pop-up. In the Window, type “C:\Program Files (x86)\Oculus\”. Now copy the redistributables directory to wherever you wish to take the backup. Now once again open Run. This time, search “C:\Program Files (x86)\Oculus\Software.” Except “Store Assets,” copy all the contents to your backup folder. Once again, open Run and type “C:\Program Files (x86)\Oculus\Manifests.” Except any content that ends with “_assets.json,” copy everything to your backup folder. And you are done. For a step-by-step procedure about how to uninstall oculus software and install the latest app, click here.

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