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Final Recap For True Detective Season 2 Is Here

Final Recap For True Detective Season 2 Is Here
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Final Recap For True Detective Season 2 Is Here

The second season of HBO’s “True Detective” is finally over with the eighth episode, “Omega Station.” The short season deprived of solid content had the same thing in the finale, too.

The finale episode of “True Detective” season 2 started by showing Ray and Ani in bed. The two confessed their darkest secrets to each other. Ray confessed that he killed the man whom he suspected raped his wife while Ani talked about her molestation memories.

Burris’ call alerts Ray about Paul’s murder. The whole plot comes to motion once Ray tells Burris that he knows about the 1992 diamond robbery.

Paul was actually the most likable character on the show but neither Ani nor Ray seemed shaken by his death. The reaction was thoroughly disappointing.

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Ray’s actions seemed quite untimely in the show. First he said he knows that Laura/Erica’s brother Leonard is the film set photographer. They talked about it in the third episode. The next was regarding the missing hard drive. Ray guessed that it was with Laura/Erica.

Once the duo arrived at Laura’s home they found her handcuffed. Leonard is already on his way to kill Vinci Police Chief Holloway. The hard drive has deleted itself for some unknown reasons. Ray and Leonard tries to trick Holloway in incriminating an audio tape. This leads to a shootout.

Frank is also making plans for revenge. Frank arrives at Black Rose Bar which is the secret hideout of Ani and Ray. Here comes the second action sequence of the episode.

Frank and Ray abscond from the Russian gang and decide to start a new life with new passports and identities. However, they both end up in trouble. Ray is tailed by Burris and Black Mountain mercenaries. He tries to leave a last voicemail for his son which he fails to send.

Frank finds himself in the desert with a knife wound. Ani is in South America with Jordan and family. She has a cute kid. That ends the season.

True Detective Season 2 ended with a lot of drama but not much content. Enjoy the final recap of “True Detective” as we bring more news from the entertainment world.

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