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Final Fantasy XV Photos: Screenshots Wowed Fans; Spoilers Annoyed Management

Final Fantasy XV Photos: Screenshots Wowed Fans; Spoilers Annoyed Management
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Final Fantasy XV Photos: Screenshots Wowed Fans; Spoilers Annoyed Management

The wait is finally over! Final Fantasy XV comes to hit the gaming screens. The gameplay is absolutely spectacular and visuals reportedly went beyond the expectation of the fans.

Prior to Final Fantasy XV release ,a trailer had leaked which left everyone in frenzy. And since the leak of the trailer, people have anticipated to grab hold of the game. But it seems like the curiosity of the fans went a bit too far.

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Early copies and screenshots out in the open?

According to Gamepur, fans have started to get a taste of the world’s most famous RPGs with the early circulating copies of the game. The spoilers of the game became viral once it got out.

After a decade of making of the game, fans expect a lot from Square Enix. The graphics, story and characters fortunately are reportedly pleasing because of the excellent graphics. A Youtube video suggested that it is quite game, with a mini-game within.

This mini game within Final Fantasy is the ‘Justice Monsters Five’. The mini-game reportedly have mechanics and features like the classic pinball. The game within however, has no relevance to the main game.

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Director not happy with spoilers?

Final Fantasy XV spoilers are reportedly sold outside to eager gamers. Many screenshots also revealed the much awaited game’s outstanding graphic work.

At a launch event in London, Hajime Tabata, game director, gave his views about the early spoilers. Apparently, he was not happy.

Tabata’s statement clearly indicated that the management was seriously displeased. Management strong believe that this release of the early spoilers can affect their business. He also mentioned that the spoilers are truly a “a sad state of affairs”.

The release of the spoilers has worried the sales and production department. Tabata pointed out that necessary actions may be taken when things go bad for their sales.

The game director ended his statement by mentioning that the spoilers are unfair, especially for fans eagerly waiting for Final Fantasy XV.



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