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Final Fantasy XIV Beta Version Runs for Free until April 7 on PS4

Final Fantasy XIV Beta Version Runs for Free until April 7 on PS4


Final Fantasy XIV Beta Version Runs for Free until April 7 on PS4

The ‘Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’ is all set for its anticipated April 14 grand launch. But just a few days before that, the last beta version of the multiplayer title has been released on PlayStation 4 (PS4). What’s more, it can be accessed and enjoyed for free, although within a limited period only.

Square Enix has kicked off the final test version of the anticipated videogame prior to its launch. All PS4 users can take part in the test. Since yesterday, April 4, the beta version of Final Fantasy XIV has been rolled out on PlayStation Store for free. As mentioned, this free access won’t last long. It would run until Monday, April 7.

It is like joining the final rehearsals before the actual start of the show. To enjoy this freebie, simply go to the PlayStation Store and search for Final Fantasy. Install the beta version of the game. The downloaded test version would be cleared for the Early Access period.

Beta version on live servers 

What’s so special about this test version of the game is that it would be on live servers. Thus, if you access the free game, you would enjoy the same one that over 1.8 million players from all across the globe are already playing. Moreover, you would be able to continue playing Final Fantasy XIV when you buy and install the game on your PS4.

In MMO betas, it is always advisable to download the beta version prior to the launch. Just like in the case of Final Fantasy XIV, the downloaded copy would be the official client of the game, which would be recognize when the updates are applied after the official launch.

More reasons to enjoy the beta version

There are more reasons to download and enjoy the beta version of the new game. First, anything that you would do in the short beta weekend would be carried over to the upcoming retail launch. This rarely happens in MMO betas, whereon developers often reset and wipe off characters created before the actual live version of the game is officially launched.

Second, those who are already playing that game on PlayStation 3 or on the PC could possibly drag their characters over to the upcoming PS4 version. Moreover, the transfer of character from PS3 to PS4 versions would be facilitated for free until the end of the year.

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