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Fil-Ams Boycott Apple Products Over South China Sea Dispute

Fil-Ams Boycott Apple Products Over South China Sea Dispute
Apple store, Fifth Avenue Maria Eklind / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Fil-Ams Boycott Apple Products Over South China Sea Dispute

A Filipino-American community is staging a protest against China on June 12 at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store. The US Pinoys for Good Governance or USPGG, led by business tycoon Loida Nicolas Lewis, is calling for a boycott on China-made Apple products in response to the Chinese provocative behavior in the disputed South China Sea.

Fil-Ams hold non-violent protest at Apple’s flagship store

The USPGG, one of largest Filipino-American organization in the country, will hold the protest at 11:30 a.m. on June 12. The group said Apple products may be designed in the U.S. but they are mostly made in China. Lewis is appealing to “each and every clear-thinking, country loving Filipinos” to stop buying China goods. Banning Apple products may seem like a mundane thing to do compared to the magnitude of the whole South China Sea issue, but Lewis said that it could also be a way of fighting China little by little.

June 12 also happens to be the Independence Day celebration in the Philippines. Holding the protest on the day of the Philippines’ celebration of its independence will also send a resounding message for China to stop its reclamation projects in the contested territory.

Filipinos are grateful of the U.S.’s intervention over the contested region, Lewis said.

“International navigation is being disturbed by China and that is not good. Not good for the US, not good for the world,” she said.

Pentagon seeks U.S.-China military-to-military relationship over South China Sea

Defense Secretary Ash Carter met at the Pentagon with chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, Gen Fan Changlong. Carter stresses U.S.’s commitment to develop a sustained and substantive U.S.-China military-to-military relationship in relation to significant issues, including land reclamation in the South China Sea.

“Secretary Carter reiterated U.S. concerns on the South China Sea, and called on China and all claimants to implement a lasting halt on land reclamation, cease further militarization, and pursue a peaceful resolution of territorial disputes in accordance with international law,” the Pentagon statement said.

U.S. hopes a consensus involving the safety of maritime and air encounters of the region will be reached by September. Carter presented a memorandum of Understanding with an annex aimed at reducing the risk of miscalculation or accidents when U.S. and China aircraft operate in close proximity.


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