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Her Fiancé Is Her Brother And He’s Known All Along: Facts To Know

Her Fiancé Is Her Brother And He’s Known All Along: Facts To Know
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Her Fiancé Is Her Brother And He’s Known All Along: Facts To Know

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

“Love is blind” is an age-old saying that most of us are familiar with. But there has to be a point where one has to draw the line. For one woman, it was finding out that her fiancé is her half brother!

And no, this is not “Game Of Thrones” fan fiction and the woman was not Cercei Lannister.

This is a real life woman who made an earth-shattering discovery weeks before she was about to tie the knot with the love of her life. She then took to Reddit to share this revelation and was shocked by the reaction she got from people.

How She Discovered That Her Fiance Is Her Half-Brother

The woman, going by the name “Oopscest” (a dead giveaway for what eventually happens in the end) narrated the details of her life and how she was led to the truth.

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It all starts with her absentee dad and her willingness to find a nice life for herself with her partner. The wedding plans were in full swing. She had invested much of her savings into having that dream wedding she always wanted.

But everything quickly started to unravel on that fateful day when she found out that her fiancé’s dad was actually his stepfather. And when his mother showed her the picture of his biological father, she realized that it was none other than her dad!

“I excused myself from the room and promptly threw up. I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m pregnant now; which is just a whole other can of worms unleashed,” she wrote.

He Knew All Along?

So her first instinct was obviously to disclose this mindboggling news to her fiancé, who was supposed to help her figure out what to do next. But the surprises of the day had not yet finished coming.

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Her fiancé knew this fact for a year and had deliberately hid it from her because he didn’t want to lose her. All the Romeo-ish antics on his part would have been adorable if it did not make readers sick to their stomach.

So what gave the audacity and confidence to her fiancé to make this life-defining decision on his own?

“Since we always planned to be child free, he didn’t see the problem with just keeping it from me,” she wrote. The woman was obviously devastated and did not know what to do. And hence she chose to seek the counsel of other fellow Redditors.

The overwhelming response to her post was mostly sympathetic and understanding. While some told her to hold off her wedding until they both figure out what to do next, others said that her fiancé was to blame and not her.

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Does she get married?

Weirdly, while most people would thank complete strangers for not being judgmental, Oopscest chastised them.

“The majority of you seem to be totally cool with the idea of brother-sister incest. I know the internet is kind of a depraved place; but I wasn’t expecting that AT ALL,” she wrote.

Regardless, she kept on posting updates of her story. Apparently, the couple had revealed the discovery to her mother and his stepfather. Unsurprisingly, they did not take it well.

The story did not end on a happy note and she informed all that she has decided to split from her fiancé.

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By then almost all the major news outlets had picked up the story. Cosmopolitan had even tried tracking her down for comments.

While most thought that her story had wrapped up, the biggest twist of all was yet to come. She posted the final punch, or rather punchline:

“How I Pretended to Bang My Brother & Exposed Several Unethical Journalists in the Process”

As we had mentioned earlier, her choice of such a light-hearted username should have been the first hint. This was her way of waging war against fake news, which lurks in every nook and cranny of the internet.

She signed off with “Please remember to think critically, check sources, and keep a sense of humor.”

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