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Female Orgasm: How Girls Reach Climax – Study

Female Orgasm: How Girls Reach Climax – Study
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Female Orgasm: How Girls Reach Climax – Study

Since time immemorial, people wonder why women reach orgasm. Now, a pair of scientists hypothesized that the phenomenon might have something to do with the fertilization process.

According to a study recently published in the Journal of Experimental Zoology, women’s orgasm might have something to do with reproduction, specifically in aiding the release of eggs to be fertilized. The study was conducted by Mihaela Pavlicev of the University of Cincinnati and Yale University’s Gunter Wagner.

In the study, the duo explained how evolution can provide science-backed data that explains how female orgasm evolved through millions of years. Before the study, there were several theories explaining the mechanism of female orgasm and the purpose it serves.

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Previously, some theories suggested that female orgasm is triggered by clitoral stimulation and a release of a special hormone. This process, according to the authors, may have evolved over the course of millennia as adaptation for direct reproductive role and vital for human reproduction.

In order to understand the mechanism of human female orgasm, the researchers studied distant primate relatives of humans, including other species of mammals. The researchers particularly studied mammals that ovulate following a sexual intercourse.

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“The effects of female orgasm in humans may not be clear, however if present, the extant effects of the trait are not necessarily the functions for which the traits originated in the first place. Instead, they can be new functions (as is well established for feathers, hair, or swim bladder, etc.), evolved as the traits have been co-opted into secondary adaptations (i.e., exaptations),” an excerpt of the study reads.

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