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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Crossover With ‘The Walking Dead’ Ready?

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Crossover With ‘The Walking Dead’ Ready?
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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Crossover With ‘The Walking Dead’ Ready?

Reports of Fear the Walking Dead spoilers hint that there might be a crossover with “The Walking Dead” following some notable similarities between character Nick Clark and Rick Grimes’ similarities.

The AMC horror shows “Fear the Walking Dead” and “The Walking Dead” have recently showed similarities between their respective characters, which fans speculated to have a connection with the management’s plan to have them for a crossover.

As noted by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Nick Clark, played by Frank Dillane, woke up in a building full of walkers, just like what Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) experience when he had a coma.

AMC then released posters for “Fear the Walking Dead” and “The Walking Dead” which are noticeably similar.

According to more reports of “Fear the Walking Dead” spoilers, the poster which shows Nick walking down a highway, is similar to “The Walking Dead’s” season 1 promotional poster.

In the poster, Rick Grimes can be seen riding down a highway with a horse,

Moreover, both shows started with accidents, with Rick being shot and Nick being hit by a car. The two were also sent in the hospital and eventually blended with the undead so they will not stand out in the crowd.

In other spoiler reports however, “Fear the Walking Dead” season 2 show runner Dave Erickson said that there will be no crossover with “The Walking Dead.”

“Some tectonic plates would have to shift to make [a crossover] happen,” Dave Erickson told TVLine. “And from a narrative standpoint, with [TWD] being six seasons in and going on seven, I don’t think we’ll ever quite catch up with them, so chronologically, it would be difficult as well.”

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 second half will premiere in August 21, Sunday. The Walking Dead season 7 will then be released in October. The official release date of its premiere will be announced later this July in San Diego Comic Con, Moviefone said in a report.

AMC has also uploaded the Fear the Walking Dead season key art and photos for its episode 8.

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