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‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Better Than ‘The Walking Dead’ – Reports

‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Better Than ‘The Walking Dead’ – Reports
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‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Better Than ‘The Walking Dead’ – Reports

Is “Fear the Walking Dead” better than its original story “The Walking Dead?”

A Forbes report said that AMC’s prequel “Fear the Walking Dead” is a lot more compelling than the hit zombie show because it has “given up on the central mystery of the zombie plague, its origins, and its possible cures.”

Paul Tass of Forbes noted that “Fear the Walking Dead” introduced Alejandro, a pharmacist, who might change the way fans could see the show, as compared with “The Walking Dead.”

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Alejandro, who will be introduced by the end of season 3, is a pharmacist and a leader in the town of Tijuana. He believes that the dead will clean the world and make it a new one, making him looks like crazy among the other cast members. However, some believe the man as he claims that he has survived the bite of a walker.

While this might be impossible as they have not been any survivor from a walker’s bite, his shoulder showing off a missing chunk is his evidence. Moreover, Luciana said she was there when Alejandro was bitten.

“He tells Nick how he waited around to die, and he simply didn’t, and that seems to have helped him along with his unquestioning belief that this is all God’s plan,” Paul Tassi said.

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The writer claimed that this Robert Kirkman-created story might give potential implication to “The Walking Dead,” as there could be a possible cure for the disease, something which has not been tapped by the original show.

It can be noted that “The Walking Dead” simply focuses on survival rather than searching for the cure. The Forbes report added that the story just highlights “warring factions between Negan and future comic enemies that again, lead to no conversations about the disease itself.”

Though “Fear The Walking Dead” has rarely mentioned the search for possible cure, it somehow spared the fans’ theory that there could possible a cure for the disease.

Catch “Fear the Walking Dead” every Sundays on AMC at 9pm.

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