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This Is How Far Humanity Can Go In The Universe

This Is How Far Humanity Can Go In The Universe
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This Is How Far Humanity Can Go In The Universe

Humanity has always dreamed about exploring the depths of our galaxy and beyond. But we presently lack the technological means to plan interplanetary travel. Our minds are set on space exportations, and we can only predict what’s instilled for humanity through visionary movies like “Interstellar.”

Time will soon allow humanity to turn theoretically proven research in reality. We could even control dark matter in the future, or go through blackholes to slingshot into a different dimension. However, research has proven that there are some parts of the universe humanity will never be able to reach in its lifetime.

Although we may hope, as we learn the laws of physics through practical experience, exploring space one step at a time, that we may be able to reach a part of the universe that gave birth to life form similar to Earth. But even if mankind masters cryogenic sleep and is able to travel for years, the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, as Forbes points out.

If the universe had a finite length and remained static, we could have eventually reached the end of it. But the natural process of Big Bang will forever pose as a barrier in mankind’s space exploration. Over the years, the gravitational pull has slowed down the process of its expansion. But eventually, light has been able to catch up to us.

Ethan Siegel, writer for Forbes, has written the script for a video in a YouTube channel called Kurzgesagt- In a Nutshell.  The video provides clear details explaining why humanity‘s reach in space is limited. Check out the video below.

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