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Fans Rejoice: Kate Middleton Is Human, India Trip Reveals Tortured Feet With Bunions

Fans Rejoice: Kate Middleton Is Human, India Trip Reveals Tortured Feet With Bunions
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Fans Rejoice: Kate Middleton Is Human, India Trip Reveals Tortured Feet With Bunions

“No, I don’t want to see a person’s feet close up!” When it comes to Kate Middleton, a whole article dedicated to her bare feet is surely not what makes people excited.

Daily Mail published a whole article about the bare feet of the Duchess of Cambridge, which brought about mixed reactions from people who read the article. Fans of Princess Kate Middleton scrutinized the article for criticizing the Princess’ feet when they looked like an ordinary person’s feet. They also hate the fact that closeup photos of the royalty’s feet were spread, when there are other issues worth the scrutiny.

Kate Middleton is currently visiting India with husband Prince William, and she’s having a great time. While the first day was more about Bollywood entertainment, which included a cricket match and more, the second day saw her and the Prince visiting the Gandhi Museum.

This is when she had to leave her sandals, and her feet got noticed more than they should. While it is normal for some ladies not to wear polish, the article lambasted Middleton like there’s no tomorrow!

The article not only talked about how her feet looked so “tortured,” it also provided opinions of the best foot care for the Duchess. Some suggested Middleton’s inattention to her feet may lead to swelling, while others said she may get arthritis. All these because her feet were unpolished, have corns, and bunions like ordinary women! Does she even need these suggestions?

Fans on Twitter were angry about this analysis. One of the followers wrote, “Our Prime Minister hasn’t paid his taxes and yet all the Daily Mail is interested in is Kate Middleton’s feet.”

None actually liked to see the closeup of the feet. Another person posted, “So many weird close-ups of Kate Middleton’s feet in this article. It’s quite creepy.”

Another user mocked the writeup. “Last night I had a dream that Kate Middleton’s hands and feet were too big so I offered to swap mine with hers in exchange for lots of money,” the commenter said.

The most astonishing part is that the article that nobody liked was shared numerous times and received 2.1k comments. Kate Middleton’s feet are viral today.

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