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1D Louis Tomlinson Fans Slam New Artist Be Charlotte, Demand Respect

1D Louis Tomlinson Fans Slam New Artist Be Charlotte, Demand Respect
Louis Tomlinson BrittneyATambeau / Flickr CC BY 2.0

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1D Louis Tomlinson Fans Slam New Artist Be Charlotte, Demand Respect

One Direction member Louis Tomlinson is receiving some really great support from his fans right now. #RespectLouis started to trend after a new artist  he reportedly supported, Be Charl0tte, hinted that he cannot sing.

Louis Tomlinson fans  stormed Twitter by posting all the nice things about the band member — from his “heavenly voice” to his philantrophic ways, after Be Charlotte irked them with their actions on Twitter hinting they are better than Tomlinson.

Ironically, people come to know about Be Charlotte as a great new artist because of Louis Tomlinson’s help!

Allegedly, among the fans who noticed how Louis Tomlinson boosted Be Charlotte’s career, one tweeted to Charlotte Brimmer of Be Charlotte saying this is her chance to get Harry Styles’ phone number.

Instead of laughing off the comment, saying how valuable Tomlinson (the rest of ID) for their career, or ignoring it, Be Charlotte (presumably Brimmer herself) replied that this is just what she is planning to do.

This was a bad shot for the many fans of Louis Tomlinson, who could not understand why she would say such a thing.

What is worse is that when Breathe Underwater Artist Management asked if Be Charlotte will be giving him (presumably Louis Tomlinson) some singing lessons, Be Charlotte actually liked that tweet comment!

Many took it as a hint that Be Charlotte thinks Louis Tomlinson cannot sing.

Immediatley, fans started to post angry comments, with some wishing their career will not take off. They called Be Charlotte names for going against the very artist who noticed their talent and even took the time to promote them to his own millions of fans.

According to the fans, Be Charlotte is such a newbie in the industry but Louis Tomlinson helped boosted their career by tweeting about  their debut performance at a festival.

It can be remembered that before this incident and before fans got angry, Charlotte Brimmer of Be Charlotte talked to Irish Examiner and claimed how much Louis Tomlinson helped  them.

“So last week Louis Tomlinson followed me on Twitter and that kind of sparked a bit of a frenzy thing going on. It just made me realise how insane all this is,” she said.  “And today before I went on stage he shared our BBC Introducing session and it’s just gone a little bit crazy. I don’t really know what to say.”

Apparently, before their performance, Louis Tomlinson, an obvious fan of the new artists took to Twitter and asked his fans to watch out for Be Charlotte or @iambecharlotte on Twitter. He described them as having a “really cool vibe.” His tweet immediately went viral, with tens of thousands of likes and retweets.

Is this a  fatal mistake of Be Charlotte? And so early in their career too!

Below is the said offensive actions of Be Charlotte:

Scroll some of the negative reactions here:

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