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‘Famous’ Music Video Might Get Kanye West In Trouble For ‘Bed Scene’ With Taylor Swift

‘Famous’ Music Video Might Get Kanye West In Trouble For ‘Bed Scene’ With Taylor Swift
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‘Famous’ Music Video Might Get Kanye West In Trouble For ‘Bed Scene’ With Taylor Swift

Rapper Kanye West’s controversial Famous music video could put him in trouble after using life-like naked replicas of celebrities lying in bed next to each other. Taylor Swift is among a host of celebrities whose replicas were used in the video and the singer could just consider suing West for defamation.

However, it would not be easy for Swift to win the suit, according to lawyers. But Swift has her new-found love Tom Hiddleston by her side at this moment of disappointment. Hiddleston has been trying to lift her spirits by making her focus on better things.

“Taylor was concerned about Kanye’s video the past week, but he’s really kept her mind off of it and had her focus on happy things,” the Hollywood Life quoted a source as saying. “He’s been her knight in shining armor lifting her spirits.”

The couple was recently photographed together on a Rhode Island beach, which received a mixed reaction from the fans. The duo seemed to be not affected by the rumors around them and have been touring around the United States and recently in the United Kingdom.

Swift felt violated after seeing herself in the Famous music video, and is reportedly considering legal actions against West. However, The Hollywood Life reported that according to lawyers if she files a suit against West for using her naked replica in the Famous video, it will be difficult for her to prove damages.

“Taylor Swift can sue Kanye West for the video but she will likely not get very far in court,” the Hollywood Life quoted Californian attorney David Pisarra as saying. “She can sue for defamation of character and for misappropriation of name and likeness but it will be hard for her to prove damages in court. No one is going to stop buying her albums or going to her concerts cause Kanye used something that looks like a topless Taylor in his video. She will likely lose the suit if it doesn’t get thrown out. Any lawsuit she brings against Kanye maybe just for publicity reasons.”

He added that Swift can file the suit on women’s rights label, pointing out that only the women’s breasts were exposed in the video and not the men’s private parts. He advised that being a celebrity, she could issue a public statement condemning the Famous music video.

The Daily Mail reported that Swift’s replica was seen lying beside West, along with 10 other celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Caitlyn Jenner, Rihanna and Bill Cosby. West has been, however, tight-lipped on whether any of the celebrities in the video was real.

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