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Fallout 4 Tricks: Play Like A Pro

Fallout 4 Tricks: Play Like A Pro
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Fallout 4 Tricks: Play Like A Pro

Are you Fallout 4 addict? Do you want to play the game like a pro and level up faster than other players? Then here are Fallout 4 tricks you must follow.

Who doesn’t want to progress fast in his/her favorite game? Who doesn’t want to know those tips and tricks that can help him/her level up as fast as possible? After all, reaching level 100 when others are struggling at level 1 is an achievement of a lifetime, isn’t it? Here we bring you a few Fallout 4 tricks to help you play the game like a pro.

Did you know that you can kill anybody in Fallout 4? Oh yes, anybody, from railroad leaders to NPC. But be ready for consequences. For every person you kill, there will be something waiting for you, something you may not want to show up in the journey. But aren’t challenges fun? So next time, try this Fallout 4 trick and see what the game has in store for you.

Every Fallout 4 player knows the worth of Fusion Cores. If you sell them, they bring you lots of money. But you also need them with you. What can you do, then? You can keep them and sell them as well. No, not all of them. Use them, almost drain them, and sell them to the trader for full price. Whenever you need your Power Armor, use it. Keep an eye on the juice. Do not empty it completely. Make sure you use the most of it. When very little juice remains, sell it to the trader.

To build settlements beyond the Sanctuary, you will need Local Leader Perk. Once you have it at a settlement, get into build mode and talk to a settler. As US Gamer suggests, to accomplish this mission successfully, you need to “have the option to set up a supply line, allowing the Workbenches between the two to share resources.” If things don’t go right, approach another settler.

For more Fallout 4 tricks, keep watching this space.

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