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Fallout 4 Releases Beta Mod Tools for PC, Console Platforms Dates Confirmed

Fallout 4 Releases Beta Mod Tools for PC, Console Platforms Dates Confirmed
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Fallout 4 Releases Beta Mod Tools for PC, Console Platforms Dates Confirmed

The developers of Fallout 4 finally unveiled the in-game modding tool in a video by Bethesda software earlier today. The short trailer promotes features of the Fallout 4 creation kit, which is currently available as beta for PC gamers to get their first hands-on experience.

In more exciting news, the team at Bethesda have finally broken the exclusive rule and have announced a mod tool supporting the console platforms. The kit will be available for download starting from May for Xbox one and June for Playstation 4 users.

To try out the PC beta version, gamers can get their first access to the modding tool by logging into their steam account. The game file of fallout 4 in the ‘library’ can be accessed in beta mode by making the following changes in ‘settings’. for detailed instructions click here.

NOTE: After making the changes, the game requires several minutes to update the recently downloaded beta mode into your account. When completed, you can access the creation kit by selecting the game from your steam library as usual.

The mod tool provides various options to the users to tweak and create any part of the environment in-game. The video gives us a glimpse of the category of tools that can be modded which includes everything from characters, clothing, graphics, to UI.

Fallout 4 has much anticipation in the console platforms. However, in announcements made last year, the console mods will lack several features from the PC counterpart. Although the creation kit could potential lack features in console that raise eyebrows in PC platforms. The creators have reminded us that work is in progress and there is still “a lot to do yet” before we get to see a glimpse of the mode fully operational.

The downloadable beta content will soon give us a picture of the revolutionary experience Bethesda has been working to improve players interactivity across all platforms.

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