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‘Fallout 4 Far Harbor’ PS4 Performance Fails, Update Confirmed

‘Fallout 4 Far Harbor’ PS4 Performance Fails, Update Confirmed
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‘Fallout 4 Far Harbor’ PS4 Performance Fails, Update Confirmed

Bethesda’s DLC release would probably be the only few successful launches in the gaming industry this year. Far Harbor gained traction even among non-fans for sticking up to its expectation of creating a map bigger than Shivering Isles. However, did the DLC perform as expected in all platforms? Not so much.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor map issues on PS4 & Xbox One

A recent report from Eurogamer has confirmed that the map suffers to reach its targeted 30fps on the PS4. During instances where players walk around the island, the volumetric fog effect causes the game to be capped at 20 fps. More actions in the environment results to the game to running at 15 fps.

However, the issue seems to be a problem with the PS4’s hardware performance instead of developer’s negligence.

Fortunately, the issue has reached the ears of Bethesda, and the studio has already notified Sony to come up with a solution. Developers have confirmed that we can expect an update soon – hopefully this week.

Before Xbox fans taunt PS4’s performance issue, reports have confirmed that the Microsoft console is annoying players as well with stutter issues since the initial release. Neither has an update been launched to rectify such. However, the game is performing fluidly with 20-30 FPS, unlike in the PS4.

The issue largely lies on the failure of Sony’s current-generation console. It looks like the upcoming titles are prone to be capped at 30FPS or less due to the poor hardware performance of the PS4.

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