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Fallout 4 DLC Leaked As Mod By Gamer

Fallout 4 DLC Leaked As Mod By Gamer
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Fallout 4 DLC Leaked As Mod By Gamer

Fallout 4 fans have fallen victims to major spoilers lately; from redditors to YouTubers, almost every game testers hired by Bethesda have broken their non-disclosure agreement for the sake of trolling via spoilers. But it didn’t end there.

Bethesda’s close beta tests for the DLC haven’t been going according to plans. Testers have revealed sensitive DLC screenshots on 4Chan and Reddit. According to Kotaku, an image uploaded on imgur featured “skill checks,” a mechanic we haven’t come across in Fallout 4. The image has been taken down from the hosting site, though.

A second image showed a Harpoon Gun along with a new vault. Yes, the gun that was excluded from the main game. Some testers took the opportunity to let gamers know that the title’s previous issues have been fixed in the DLC.

These information leaks didn’t do much damage to the gaming community or to publishers. But the big guns caused enough chaos for Bethesda to take immediate action. A gamer managed to leak the entire Far Harbor DLC. Although it has already made its way through torrent sites, the DLC was uploaded in the form of a mod on hub Nexus. The developers managed to take it down, but unfortunately, a whooping number of 800 gamers managed to grab the content.

Kotaku managed to get a comment from Robin Scott, owner of Nexus Mods, “[The mod] was taken down because Bethesda asked us to as it contained copyrighted material that was uploaded without permission from the original creator (in this case, Bethesda), Such actions are a flagrant breach of our well known strict rules.”

If you’re a true fan, you wouldn’t be snooping in torrents right now. Far Harbor DLC is set to release on May 19. We may as well wait one more day rather than support piracy (duh).

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