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‘Falling Water’ Spoilers: What To Know About The USA Network Drama Series Before Episode 1

‘Falling Water’ Spoilers: What To Know About The USA Network Drama Series Before Episode 1
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‘Falling Water’ Spoilers: What To Know About The USA Network Drama Series Before Episode 1

Grappling for words to describe Falling Water? This new mind-boggling series can be summed up in one word: frustrating. Positively frustrating.

Frustrating in a sense that you would have to wait for definite answers. Therefore, you will find yourself following this series once Episode 1 begins.

Falling Water is a supernatural drama produced by the same makers of The Walking Dead and Homeland. Written and co-created by Blake Masters (writer of the business book Zero to One) together with Henry Bromell. Although Bromell passed away  due to heart attack in 2013, the screenwriter, novelist and director was till recognized as a co-creator and a producer of the show.

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Falling Water is primarily about exploring dreams and the truth behind it. This new series portrays itself as a mind-boggling and intellectually challenging one, just how a supernatural drama should be. It gets more exciting and interesting as the story unravels its uncertainties.

Though there is still so much to discover, so far, the show pretty much gives justice to their strong first impression. Still, the Hollywood Reporter takes a different perspective on the series an called it “ambitious.”

The flow of the story is upfront including its cast, as described by IGN. Imagine, three strangers discover mysterious things through their dreams and end up connecting their lives together. Their unconscious thoughts seem to be defining and controlling their lives. The big catch is that there is more than their unconscious thoughts, and what could be the cause of this?

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Tess (Lizzie Brocheré), the first character introduced, is a trend spotter and a supposed-to-be-mother. It was shown on the pilot that she actually gave birth but the next thing she knows, it was all just a dream, and there was no mark on her body which proves that she had a baby. Crazy, right?

Meanwhile, Burton (David Ajala), a head of security at a banking firm is baffles as her ex-girlfriend goes missing. As the one who is responsible of keeping employee’s misconduct, he can’t solve this one as there was no clues to follow. Take (Will Yun Lee) is a detective from NYPD who always sees a random woman. He has a wife who stays home because she is in a coma, and there’s something about avoiding a child in his dream. This is the chaos of their lives which puts them all together in one place- their own dreams.

Catch Falling Water premiere on Thursday, 10 p.m. ET/PT (USA Network)

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