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‘The Fall’ Season 3: Jamie Dornan Goes Full Frontal, Dakota Johnson Reportedly Furious

‘The Fall’ Season 3: Jamie Dornan Goes Full Frontal, Dakota Johnson Reportedly Furious
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‘The Fall’ Season 3: Jamie Dornan Goes Full Frontal, Dakota Johnson Reportedly Furious

Did Jamie Dornan just go behind Dakota Johnson’s back and sign up for a bare-it-all scene in “The Fall” Season 3?

While news of their alleged secret dating life has been all over the news lately, it seems like trouble in paradise is ceasing to end for Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

With shooting for the “Fifty Shades” franchise wrapped up, there remained no reason for these two to meet up every day, which threatened to put an end to their ongoing romance both onscreen and off.

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This was good news for Jamie Dornan’s wife, Amelia Warner, for she finally had her husband all to herself, but not so good news for Dornan whose heart still pined for Johnson, his now ex co-star.

“We’ve gone through this mad journey together. Dakota knows what I’m going through and only I know what she’s going through,” said Dornan wistfully in an interview, reports Game N Guide.

But soon after Dornan purchased a mansion in a different state, which he claimed was for work purposes, but can very well be to accommodate his rumored extra-marital affair.

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While that should have been the end of all troubles for the “Fifty Shades” couple, fresh concerns have stirred up in their relationship and this time it’s Dakota Johnson who is doing all the worrying.

Jamie Dornan has apparently struck a deal to do a full frontal nude scene in the upcoming season of “The Fall”, a thriller series from which he had to take a break because he was offered “Fifty Shades”, reports Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

Fans of the Dornan and Johnson love story would remember how hard Johnson had tried to convince the former to do a similar scene with her in one of the “Fifty Shades” movies because Johnson would have earned the same amount of money that Dornan was charging for a full frontal at the time.

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That was the deal put forward by the producers of the movie, something that was thoroughly enticing to both. But Dornan backed out of the deal after learning about the insecurities that his wife has regarding Johnson getting up close and personal with her husband.

But now that Dornan has agreed to do a full frontal in “The Fall”, Dakota Johnson is beside herself with fury.

Not only will he be doing the scene with someone other than her, but she also could have been a lot richer if he had agreed to do the same scene in “Fifty Shades”.

Will this decision create a rift between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson?

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