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Facebook’s Oculus Unit Upgrades Its Virtual Reality Headset

Facebook’s Oculus Unit Upgrades Its Virtual Reality Headset


Facebook’s Oculus Unit Upgrades Its Virtual Reality Headset

Facebook’s Oculus Unit Upgrades Its Virtual Reality HeadsetIn July, Facebook Inc went to a shopping spree when it spent $2 billion to acquire two-year old technology firm Oculus VR. It is not uncommon for the social networking site to buy smaller tech firms as it has already purchased several of those and incorporated services and products into its own businesses.

Back when the company bought Oculus, some observers underlined its intention. Facebook was eyeing the untested technology of Oculus called the Oculus Rift, a type of headset that Facebook has already made available to developers. It was not surprising that the social networking site was betting that the technology could possibly emerge as a new social and/or communications tools or platform.

Upgrade to the prototype

Just recently, Oculus VR has announced a new development about the project. It has unveiled an upgraded prototype of the headset. It said the modification has further improved the resolution as well as the quality of the built-in audio of the Oculus Rift headset.

However, the business was also quick to advise that the prototype is still not yet ready to be officially released in the market for the consumers to enjoy. But it asserted that the changes done to the headset should be sufficient to make everyone excited for it.

The upgraded Oculus Rift was made lighter compared to the previous prototype of the device. It reiterated that this headset is not yet to be considered as a consumer product, but it is obviously much closer to that. Oculus made the briefing in a developers’ conference it recently organized in Hollywood.

Wearable device

The Oculus Rift resembles goggles. Based on initial descriptions about the device, it is a wearable that could generate a 360-degree view. It was also designed to immerse players into fantasy settings. For it to be useful, users need to mount it into their heads using a strap.

As of press time, there is no timetable shared yet about when the Oculus Rift headset would be made available to consumers, if ever it would be released in the consumers’ market. But for sure, Facebook would not let its investment go into futility. 

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