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Future Services Of Facebook Support Obama’s Clean Energy Campaign

Future Services Of Facebook Support Obama’s Clean Energy Campaign
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Future Services Of Facebook Support Obama’s Clean Energy Campaign

Clean energy will solely power the new data center of Facebook in Texas, making it in line with Obama’s initiative in shifting to sustainable energy.

Alterra Energy, one of the social media’s partners in its endeavor, undertakes to construct 202 Megawatts wind farm on a 17,000-acre site in Clay County, with an initial plan of running Facebook’s operations in the next three years in Fort Worth with 50 percent of wind energy.

Completing the team in erecting the Texas grid are Citigroup Energy and Starwood Energy Group. It is understood that Facebook’s data centers in Texas will be the fifth which will handle the increasing demand of messenger usage from 700 million Facebook users, 300 million Instagram patrons and other companies and groups relying on Facebook platforms to create membership and businesses, says the report.

In its Facebook account, Forth Worth Data Center announced on June 8 that the construction of its data center has begun, making it “one of the cornerstones of the global infrastructure that brings Facebook apps and services” to users everyday, bridging billions of people across the globe.

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“Thanks to our continued focus on efficiency and our investments in renewables in recent years, the carbon impact of one person’s use of Facebook for an entire year is the same as the carbon impact of a medium latte,” Tom Furlong, Facebook’s vice-president for infrastructure, was quoted by EcoWatch as saying.

David Pomerantz, Greenpeace senior climate and energy campaigner, reverberated Furlong’s sentiments on utilizing clean energy and was also quoted by EcoWatch, remarking that “Facebook’s new goal of using 50 percent renewable energy and commitment to powering its Texas data center with clean wind power demonstrates the kind of transparency needed to show that it is making steady progress towards its goal of using 100 percent renewable energy.”

Facebook is just among the thousands of businesses appreciating the advantage of sustainable energy. Throughout the world, campaigns for battling climate change have magnified as its effects have become more apparent. America pioneers in responding to calls for change.

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U.S. President Barack Obama advocates for clean energy with its Climate Action Plan, which successfully surpassed an initial goal of setting up 285 Megawatts for solar and other sustainable energy for federally subsidized housing to warrant additional cost-effective 300 MW by 2020.

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