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Facebook ‘Watch It Later’ Video Feature To Compete With YouTube

Facebook ‘Watch It Later’ Video Feature To Compete With YouTube
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Facebook ‘Watch It Later’ Video Feature To Compete With YouTube

It has been noted that Facebook is doing a lot with its video feature of late. This time, the company wants people to watch more videos. It is currently testing a new feature that would entice users to watch more videos on Facebook.

Videos mean ads, and ads mean money. This is the sole reason that Facebook has turned its focus on videos. This is a real threat for YouTube, which has ruled the video industry for years.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook is going to introduce “Watch It Later” for the desktop version. This will allow users to bookmark videos they want to watch at a later time. You can hover your mouse over the video and the button will appear on the top-right corner as an overlay.

The app will know if you like a video or not. This data will be used to predict what video shall be posted on your timeline so you get more personalized results from Facebook.

As Silicon Angle points out, videos are going to be the future of Facebook. Some days ago, Facebook introduced a feature where the video settles in the corner of the screen as you scroll over your news feed.

YouTube currently has 1 billion users who watch hundreds of millions of video hours a day. This market has a great potential of earning, which the tech giant wants to grab.

Facebook has around 1.4 billion users, but it is quite new in the video streaming segment. YouTube currently holds the ground in the market with ist premium content. No matter who wins the battle, with the new option, users will be presented with lot more choices.

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