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Facebook Wants to Help Block Sales of Illegal Guns

Facebook Wants to Help Block Sales of Illegal Guns


Facebook Wants to Help Block Sales of Illegal Guns

Facebook continues to crack down inappropriate posts of its users online. Now, the most popular social networking site in the world is aiming to help curtail sales of illegal firearms especially within its domain. This move also applies to its photo-sharing Website Instagram.

The company has launched new educational as well as enforcement efforts aimed at users who are in discussions about private sale of regulated items like guns. Thus, whenever Facebook receives any report complaining about promotion or advertising of private sales of regulated weapons, it would issue a cease-and-desist order to the poster.

Pages with the same content would also be monitored and would be issued reminders about compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Posting of firearm info and the Pages that carry those would also be restricted to users who are 18 years old and older.

Working with other parties

In a statement, the Website said it would not allow its users to post offers selling regulated items especially those that may evade or cause others to evade the existing laws. Private sellers of firearms in the US would also not be allowed to post notes that say that ‘no background check is required.’

To make this action more possible, Facebook has teamed up with various organizations and individuals. The list includes Eric Schneiderman—New York Attorney General, Sandy Hook Promise, Americans for Responsible Solutions, Moms Demand Action, and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The new regulations in Facebok would be fully rolled out in the next few weeks.

Facebook’s prohibitions

It can be recalled that Facebook has already prohibited advertising for tobacco products, illegal drugs, weapons, prescription pharmaceuticals, adult products, alcohol, and gaming within its site. However, it noted that just like in most cases, some rules are made just to be broken. The Internet still is a mouthpiece for organizational and political agendas.

Facebook users can’t actually buy or sell items directly via the Website. Transactions would have to be done elsewhere. But users could use Pages to advertise just about anything for free. Users’ timelines could also be a great and effective venue for posting announcements like finding a roommate, contributors to a nonprofit, or a property buyer.

Posting on Facebook has now become similar to posting ads at the bulletin board of a community center or supermarket. The nature of the messages may be commercial but those could still be treated as personal materials. Facebook has assured that it would continue to respond to reports particularly when things violate its Community Standards.

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