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Facebook Viral Birthday Surprise Goes On for a Kid’s 11th Birthday

Facebook Viral Birthday Surprise Goes On for a Kid’s 11th Birthday


Facebook Viral Birthday Surprise Goes On for a Kid’s 11th Birthday

In this modern age, what could be the best birthday gift one can ever have? Well, close to 2 million ‘likes’ on Facebook would not be bad. That is how 10-year-old Colin Cunningham would be having when he turns 11 years old on March 9.

His mom, Jennifer Cunningham, is responsible for this huge birthday surprise. The heartfelt effort of a loving mom is equaled by the cooperation and sympathy of millions of kind souls from all around the world.

In case you are not aware, the boy, who hails from Michigan, is suffering from Asperger syndrome. It is a highly functioning type of autism. Not surprisingly, he spends most of his daily school days eating lunch in the school office. He also has to endure being picked on by bully classmates.

No birthday party

Jennifer recalled that when he asked her son if he prefer to have a party for his birthday on March 9, the boy firmly said no. Colin ever reiterated that it is not needed since he has no friends in school.

That was when the loving mom thought of proving to her son that it is possible to have more friends online. And the result has been overwhelming so far. The number of new friends of Colin through Facebook is basically much more than how much any person could ever have in his lifetime.

‘Happy Birthday Colin’

Jennifer created and launched the ‘Happy Birthday Colin’ page on Facebook. The page was released on February 2. As of press time, the Website has garnered more than 1.7 million likes. There are even more comments, which are mostly encouraging and heart-warming.

The special page is supposed to be a venue where their family and friends could go on with strangers in sending Colin encouraging words and positive thoughts. Jennifer thinks that this would be the best birthday her son could have. The generous souls who supported the effort swarmed the Facebook page with warm regards and well wishes.

Birthday surprise

So what happens now? ‘Happy Birthday Colin’ is still up in Facebook. Anyone could like it and leave positive comments on it. Jennifer revealed that up to this day, Colin has no idea about what is going on.

But Jennifer would surprise him on his birthday by showing the Facebook page dedicated especially for him. That would surely be more than enough to assure the little boy that he has more friends than all other kids in his school have.

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