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Facebook Users Warned against ‘Unread Messages’ Scam

Facebook Users Warned against ‘Unread Messages’ Scam


Facebook Users Warned against ‘Unread Messages’ Scam

Facebook Users Warned against ‘Unread Messages’ ScamIt does not come as a surprise anymore that Facebook is always a target of scammers, who are out to defraud unsuspecting users in any way possible. The Website remains as the most popular social networking site in the world, with over a billion users from all around the world to date.

Now, there is another hoax that is spreading across the network. According to Graham Cluley, an online security researcher, Facebook users are at risk especially if they receive messages that notify them about their unread Facebook messages.

He disclosed that the scam comes in the form of spam emails that claim have been sent by ‘Facebook Administration.’ The messages are sent to users’ email accounts. Needless to say, such messages contain links that in turn could redirect users to other Websites once clicked.

Falling into trap

Cluley warns users against falling into such a trap. He further revealed that the links embedded in such emails would take victims into bigger dangers. The Webpages that are pointed at could have been compromised.

Those could also launch exploit kits that would quietly install malware into the PCs used. Moreover, users could also be redirected to a phishing Webpage that is particularly designed to attempt to steal Facebook credentials.

Risky redirections

In some reported cases, users are redirected to a Canadian drug site that sells medicines that could supposedly improve men’s bedroom performance. Not surprisingly, some users are taken to other unsuspicious sites that may seem not to be harmful. But when such sites are opened, they may embed malware into the PC system.

That would be the greater risk. The malware could not just try to collect sensitive and information about the victim. It could also facilitate inappropriate monitoring that would give scammers more opportunity to defraud users. Some malware even spread the infection online to users’ Facebook contacts.

Cluley advises Facebook users to be more aware of such risks. He tells them to always observe cautiousness especially when clicking on links found in unsolicited emails. To check unread Facebook messages, go to the site instead of clicking deceiving messages on your email account. 

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