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Facebook Users Protest For Not Launching Safety Check For Syria Aleppo

Facebook Users Protest For Not Launching Safety Check For Syria Aleppo
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Facebook Users Protest For Not Launching Safety Check For Syria Aleppo

Despite being the world’s highly coveted social networking site, Facebook has been heavily criticized for not launching a Safety Check tool for Aleppo. In order to voice protest against the company, several social media users deactivated their Facebook accounts or turned their profile photos red. The move is meant to condemn the world’s biggest networking company to not support and help of victims in Syria.

The online tool was previously utilized by users to notify their friends and family that they were safe in the aftermath of the recent Paris and Brussels attack. Likewise, people from round the world are using hashtags such as #MakeFacebookRed and #AleppolsBurning to highlight the ongoing offense that killed over 240 people in the past week and many families who were forced to flee to other countries.

On being inquired, Facebook explained, “During an ongoing crisis, like war or epidemic, Safety Check in its current form is not that useful for people: because there isn’t a clear start or end point and, unfortunately, it’s impossible to know when somebody is truly safe,” reports MyBroadband.

According to The NextWeb, no social media can resolve a serious issue like a 6-year old Syrian war that has killed over 400,000 people and displaced millions more. It is not clear whether Facebook has future plans to open new features in support of the Syrian people. It, however, boasts the single largest engaged audience in the world.

Syria has been under the scanner for a while. The Syrian opposition has hugely criticized the recent slew of bombings in Aleppo, which have badly devastated several residential areas and medical facilities. Record says that the Syrian war has killed innumerable people, which show crimes against humanity.

Several attempts are taken to pacify the situation in Syria. It is heard that there will be another round of peace talks in Geneva later this month to settle the matter.

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