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Facebook Updates Its Messenger App

Facebook Updates Its Messenger App


Facebook Updates Its Messenger App

If you think Facebook is about to give up on its own Messenger service at this time, you are wrong. The most popular social networking online site in the world is investing $19 billion to complete the acquisition of messaging app WhatsApp. But it has recently indicated that it would not abandon its own messaging service.

Yesterday, an update was released for Facebook Messenger app. That came with a handful of new features, which users may easily compare to many other existing features of its rivals. Among those new features for Facebook Messenger are message forwarding and groups. The update is now available in iOS and Android.

Message forwarding 

The new message forwarding feature is just like how Apple Inc’s iMessage works. After a user receives a message, it is possible to take controls as to how a user prefers to send and receive messages.

How does it work for Facebook Messenger? Click a message, then tap and hold into it. When an options menu pops up, choose the task that you want to do. You may choose to delete or forward that message to just about anyone in your Facebook contacts list.

Groups in Messenger

After the update, Facebook Messenger now has new Groups tab that allows users to send messages to other people in a routine more easily and much faster. Users may start sending uniform messages to family members, roommates, or friends.

Any user of the Website can now create a new group, which can be assigned a group name as well as a photo icon. From there, it will be easier to facilitate sending and receiving of regular messages. Users can send text messages, photographs, stickers, and even short voice clips to the entire group.

Using Groups feature

Moreover, when a new member is added to one’s group, all other existing members of that group are notified. The notification will be sent via the Website, the Facebook app, of the Messenger itself.

All other members of the group will also be able to see every message sent to their common group. Likewise, any member of the group can easily add others into their group conversation.

Do you think you will eventually need to take a break from the group? You can do so without giving up the membership. Just ‘mute’ the group and you will cease receiving notifications whenever other members post new messages to the group.

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