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Facebook Turns into a Public Memorial for Deceased Users

Facebook Turns into a Public Memorial for Deceased Users


Facebook Turns into a Public Memorial for Deceased Users

What happens to the Facebook profiles and accounts of users who die? The most popular social networking site has changed its policies in handling visibility of Facebook accounts of its deceased members. Thus, the Website has just allowed itself to become a public memorial for its dead users.

It should be noted that for many years now, the Website has become an instrument to ‘memorialize’ profiles of dead users. Facebook locks down those members’ accounts.

Just recently, the Website has adjusted the restrictions on the visibility of those memorialized accounts. Thus, it is now possible for the deceased users’ Facebook friends to still see the profiles. Now, only Facebook friends of the dead user could see the recent public posts as well as images on the profiles of that deceased member. The site has agreed to still make those profiles visible after the death of users.

Serving as online memorial

From now on, Facebook said it would keep the visibility of a dead person’s content as well as account the way it had been set by that user. The recent public posts and profiles would remain public. Logically, this is making Facebook a public memorial for the dead user. It would be instrumental in keeping some memories of a deceased user alive to his family and friends who are also connected to him via the social networking site.

In a statement, Facebook said it is respecting the choices a dead user made in his life. At the same time, the Website is giving a service by allowing family and friends to still see the profile and content on the social media.

Changing policies 

This move is now part of ways to answer several complicated questions about who should control the digital legacy of a person if he dies. Many of the bereaved are requesting access to the Facebook data and accounts of their deceased loved one. They also usually want to turn those profiles and accounts into online memorials. This may have prompted Facebook to change some of its policies.

The Website hints that there would be more to come. It said it continues to think of more ways on how it could help users pass on and keep their memories and legacies even after their demise. Last year, Google started allowing its members to state what they prefer to happen to their profiles and data if ever they would pass away.

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