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Facebook To Launch Public Wi-Fi Internet Service; San Jose To Receive First?

Facebook To Launch Public Wi-Fi Internet Service; San Jose To Receive First?
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Facebook To Launch Public Wi-Fi Internet Service; San Jose To Receive First?

Wireless network is the recent phenomena and Facebook is leaving no stone unturned to tap this domain and create new ways to deliver high-speed internet services by using millimeter-wave technology, without optic cable. This means that the social networking site will soon launch public Wi-Fi system, which is primarily rumored to be coming to San Jose.

The technology is now in the testing stage and Facebook is analyzing a small prototype wireless network on its campus in Menlo Park, California. The objective is to create and serve data at speeds of over one gigabit per second, which is similar to the speed of Google Fiber and is 100 times that of an average U.S. broadband connection.

According to Jay Parikh, the head of Infrastructure and Engineering at Facebook, Google’s fiber networks are difficult and expensive to deliver in urban areas. On the other hand, wireless infrastructure is much easier and cheaper. He has plans to bring all people on the Wi-Fi platform to help them use the network diligently.

“We’re going to be able to use this high-capacity urban Wi-Fi solution to bring more people online affordably,” said Parikh. This new project is called Terragraph that uses a wireless technology called WiGig. We will soon see the application of this technology in future gadgets built by companies such as Samsung, Qualcomm and Intel, reports Technology Reviews.

Aside from the Menlo Park headquarters, the social networking firm is also preparing for a testing trial in San Jose, where the Wi-Fi network will be available in later part of this year. It should be noted that the Terragraph project is similar to Starry, which is a new wireless system developed by Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia.

Starry was launched in January and it is capable of transmitting data in the millimeter wave spectrum. Also, the technology used in it is capable of employing an array of antennae for enhanced signal strength and length.

Since the Terragraph project uses similar technology, it is expected that third-party hardware can easily be built with Terragraph-friendly antennae, including home Wi-Fi routers, phones and cars, according to The Verge.

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