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Facebook to Launch New Camera App; Another Disaster Possibly Waiting to Happen

Facebook to Launch New Camera App; Another Disaster Possibly Waiting to Happen
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Facebook to Launch New Camera App; Another Disaster Possibly Waiting to Happen

The engineers at Facebook are yet to unveil a new camera app which is believed to be developed to revive sharing original content again. The app has included features like live streaming and the ability to directly control the mainframe of the camera to capture images and videos, according to the Wall Street Journal reports.

The app is currently being tested and developed by the ‘friend-sharing’ team in London. However, reports suggest the app is still being monitored in its initial prototype stage and may never be released for the public.

To improve the primary functionality and features, Facebook is integrating Masquerade (MSQRD) technology, an app that produces live filters on selfies, was reportedly bought by Facebook. Facebook has faced many failures in previous years in its process of developing an innovative app. Slingshot, Riff and many others were products of disappointment developed under Creative Labs which were all shut down last December.

Facebook’s Messenger is the only mobile platform alive, since it was forced upon its users after the company removed the chat functions from the primary app. With the company facing issues in user engagement, the camera app could improve Facebook’s outreach to its users in mobile platform.

Facebook’s need for the app, the journal states, is the inactive response by the users on the platform, although they were visiting the site on a regular basis, they rather shared less content from their lives. This could also likely be a desperate move to compete with rivals like Snapchat as the app earlier reported more than 7 billion views per day while Facebook reported 8 billion via mobile and desktop.

Recent changes in the Messengers, seeks to interact more lively with the users by changing emoticons and including nicknames during chat. This could also be the company’s next step in attracting the mobile users although they have had a history of breakdowns with snapchat-type-apps (Slingshot)

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