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Facebook Tests ‘Floating Videos’ That Chase As You Scroll

Facebook Tests ‘Floating Videos’ That Chase As You Scroll
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Facebook Tests ‘Floating Videos’ That Chase As You Scroll

Facebook is testing a floating video feature. This new multi-tasking update, first spotted by The Next Web, allows users to drag streaming videos anywhere on the page. If you have enabled this feature, you will see a little square icon on the video. Once you click that, it moves to the lower-left corner of the screen. It stays there as you scroll down the page.

This “floating video” idea is not the first of its kind. Apple has a picture-in-picture mode, while Samsung’s pop-up play in Galaxy S3 is similar in nature. Even Youtube 5.0 for Android has introduced a feature that allows users to minimize videos while browsing on the main interface.

In a statement for The Huffington Post, a Facebook spokeswoman said, “We’ve heard from some people that they’d like to watch videos while they scroll through News Feed. We’re running a small test where you can create a smaller floating screen which continues playing the video while you scroll through your News Feed.”

This “floating video” feature is currently available on the web version of Facebook, and not every user will be able to enable it. Once the test is over, it will be decided as to whether to implement it permanently or not.

Facebook’s floating video test is an initiative to increase viewership on videos. Last March, the social media giant announced that users can now embed Facebook videos on other websites. Facebook also offered advertisers a way to pay only for videos that can be streamed for more than 10 seconds. With the floating video feature, users will not mind streaming their videos for longer than 10 seconds as long as they can continue with regular browsing.

The company also mentioned that Facebook is getting a lot of video content, and the increase is almost 400% over the past year. With floating videos, the company is trying to exploit the situation to earn more revenue and also to give benefits to advertisers and sponsors.

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