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Facebook Tests Disappearing Post Option

Facebook Tests Disappearing Post Option


Facebook Tests Disappearing Post Option

Facebook Tests Disappearing Post OptionFacebook must have been inspired by Snapchat when it designed a new feature that would enable users to set expiration dates for each of their posts. This new option would make selected posts to vanish from the social networking site within specified hours or days. Obviously, it was a take on messaging app Snapchat’s disappearing messages feature.

Randomly selected Facebook on iOS users may have already noticed this added feature. It is still on its trial phase and there is no word yet how long it would last and if it would be rolled out permanently in the website soon.

Those who choose to use the option may choose to make their posts automatically disappear in an hour, three hours, or six hours. They could also opt to make the posts disappear within 12 hours, a day, two days, or even a week.

Difference from Snapchat

A Facebook spokesperson has confirmed this experiment in a recent media interview. He said that the website now runs a small pilot on the new feature that would enable scheduling of deletion of posts in advance.

However, unlike in Snapchat, the deleted posts would not be instantly and completely removed from the servers of Facebook after the selected expiration date. The website would handle the expired posts just like how it handles the manually deleted posts. The information would be instantly removed from the website but deletion from the offline logs and backups may take about 90 days.

Other new features

This is just one of the several new features that Facebook has introduced recently. This week, it also rolled out another new feature that enables users to determine the number of views each video posted on the site has so far received.

At the same time, Facebook is also experimenting on a new ‘related videos’ feature particularly in its mobile apps. This is aimed at helping its users to possibly discover more broadcasts that are similar to the video they are watching through the social networking site.

Last week, Facebook added a new tool to let users review their privacy settings. This is to make sure all users would set it up just the way they prefer or need. 

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