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Facebook Starts Offering Free Malware Scanning to Users

Facebook Starts Offering Free Malware Scanning to Users


Facebook Starts Offering Free Malware Scanning to Users

Facebook Starts Offering Free Malware Scanning to UsersNot surprisingly, Facebook aims to be more proactive especially in fighting malware. The most popular social networking site is now offering free malware scanning services. If the Website detects suspicious activities and behavior on the user’s device or PC, it would start providing options for real-time and on-the-spot scanning for viruses.

According to Chetan Gowda, a software engineer, the online site is now collaborating with two companies for this effort. Those are security software vendors Trend Micro and F-Secure. Facebook now integrates the two partners’ respective anti-malware downloads into the site’s own system for abuse detection.

User protection

Gowda said this endeavor is aimed at making it easier to find then use the appropriate technology for protection of devices and PCs. The free anti-malware downloads from Trend Micro and F-Secure will further enhance Facebook’s own system for blocking malicious links and untrusted sites coming from among numerous clicks on a daily basis.

How does it work? According to Gowda, the enhanced protection system would start functioning the moment Facebook detects suspicious behavior in the user’s PC or device. Facebook users will instantly see a notification informing them about the possible presence of a malware infection. Right then and there, it will recommend the use of Trend Micro or F-Secure solutions.

The two solutions are containing different malware signatures. Each is suited to various types of threats. This protection is recommended even to Facebook users who are already running other or similar programs in their machines. There is no need to worry about the system’s maintenance as both versions are updated and are automatically removing their selves in the program after they are done scanning.

Optional security

For those who don’t want to run the malware scanning, Facebook has made sure its users can still opt to skip or stop the scan. Those users who opt to allow and start the scan will instantly enjoy the benefits of the free anti-malware product.

There are indications that Facebook would not stop at that. According to Gowda, the Website may offer new or additional security software product and options in the near future. Many experts are reminding PC and devise users that this new security solution from Facebook should not be used as a possible alternative or a substitute for any downloading of special security software to make any PC free from malware.  But it is definitely worth using.

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