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Facebook Shuts Down Apps Because Of New API Changes

Facebook Shuts Down Apps Because Of New API Changes
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Facebook Shuts Down Apps Because Of New API Changes

It’s a wrap for some of the apps running on Facebook’s friend data API.

Along with this, Facebook has redone its login with Version 2.0. It features a new UI and gives more control to people about what to share with their apps.

Here are some of the features of the Facebook version 2.0.

Facebook Version 2.0 Changes

Taken from Facebook’s blog

Because of this, many apps are shutting down. One of them is Job Fusion.

In the app’s blog, developers have posted a rhetorical question that aims at both Facebook and LinkedIn.

“It’s (sic) makes you wonder: do you own your friends or does the social network. There’s no question mark at the end of that sentence because it’s a rhetorical question. The answer is obvious – we do not own our connections.”

Job Fusion has also stated some other services that have or are about to shut down because of these changes.

  • CareerSonar – September 2014
  • Jobs With Friends – February 2015
  • adzuna Connect – April 2015

Some developers have been posting their frustration in the community website StackOverflow since last year.

Facebook developers let out their frustration

The apps’ last day is on April 30, after which they either have to adhere to the new log-in or virtually suffer demise.

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