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Facebook Has A Secret Message Hiding Inbox; Know How To Access It

Facebook Has A Secret Message Hiding Inbox; Know How To Access It
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Facebook Has A Secret Message Hiding Inbox; Know How To Access It

Do you still have messages on your Facebook account that you don’t know about? Well, the world’s largest social networking site has a secret inbox where it hides all those messages it feels that you may not want to read. While this latest move taken by the networking site is unintentional without any serious consequences, many are finding it annoying as it borders meddling with their privacy.

Earlier, users would find hidden messages in a separate “other” inbox, sent by people who are not known to them. But Facebook now has it in an even more hidden folder, called “Filtered Message requests” tab.

Many are very disappointed by the social media’s abrupt decision to hide messages that it feels right. While many are not aware of how to have access to the unread messages, a few recipients of the messages claim that they only discovered after the person who sent the message passed away.

One of the victims commented on Facebook’s secret message meddling, “Nice one Facebook, this hidden message thing has got my wife in tears. She was contacted by a cousin, who has died since sending the message,” reports Breitbart.

According to the social networking site, these filtered messages are spams and so it doesn’t feel the need to notify you about. In any case, these messages are not easy to find at all. Nonetheless, Business Insider brings to you a solution to the problem to help you find hidden messages from your secret inbox. Click on this to find out. The step-by-step procedures are:

  • First, open your Facebook Messenger app
  • Then, click on “Settings”, which you will find in the bottom right hand corner
  • Select “People”
  • Then, on “Message Requests”
  • Now, click on :See filtered requests”, which you will find within any existing request
  • Here, you will find access to all the unread messages

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