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Facebook ‘Secret Conversations’ Are NOT Secret: Facebook Help Team Can Decrypt Messages

Facebook ‘Secret Conversations’ Are NOT Secret: Facebook Help Team Can Decrypt Messages
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Facebook ‘Secret Conversations’ Are NOT Secret: Facebook Help Team Can Decrypt Messages

It seems that parent company Facebook has finally incorporated WhatsApp’s encryption code to its messenger app. With over 900 million users worldwide, creating the largest end-to-end encrypted messaging network in history.

A spokesperson from the company has announced that they have just finished rolling out the feature. The opt-in feature allows users to encrypt their messages sent through the app.

The software update on the iOS and Android does not explicitly announce the new feature. However, anyone who updates their Messenger app will now find the “secret” option on the top right of the “new message” screen.

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Does this mean that encrypted messages sent through the app will only be known to you and the one you are talking to? Not quite unfortunately. This is due to the social media’s OTHER announcement regarding the new feature.

Facebook Can Decrypt Your Secret Messages

According to Facebook, should you encounter messages that violate their Community Standards; you can report can report it. However this is where it gets juicy as the social media admits that they can decrypt your messages.

This contradicts their previous statement to Wired where they claim “not even Facebook or law enforcement or intelligence agencies” can view your messages. Is this another case of a company using the fine print to their advantage?

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Secret Conversations uses the Signal encryption system, which has a glowing reputation in the security community. It was developed by the non-profit Open Whisper Systems who first incorporated the system in their own app.

The new feature has to be enabled manually every time you want to have a secure conversation. However, as their announcement clearly states, the company CAN and WILL decrypt your messages should you violate their Community Standards.

Do you believe this is another way for the tech giants to mine your personal data? What do you think about Facebook’s new “Secret Conversations” feature? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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