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Facebook Rolls Out ‘Unfollow’ Button to Replace ‘Hide All’

Facebook Rolls Out ‘Unfollow’ Button to Replace ‘Hide All’


Facebook Rolls Out ‘Unfollow’ Button to Replace ‘Hide All’

Facebook Unfollow Button to Replace Hide AllFacebook has launched the ‘Unfollow’ button on its Website. This is specifically for users who have already grown weary of following a post that could be found boring or offensive. They would now have the sought-after option to totally get rid of those unlikely posts from their own News Feeds.

To make this more understandable, the social networking site said the new button replaces ‘Hide All.’ The company reiterated that there is no significant change in the function of ‘Hide All’ after it became ‘Unfollow’ in terms of its overall functionality.

Facebook emphasized that the major change would have to be the wording and nothing else. For those who may not fully understand what these changes would implicate, Facebook simply cited the use of Instagram and Twitter. It admitted that through the two Websites, users have presumably grown more familiar about the concept of ‘unfollowing.’

‘Following’ and ‘unfollowing’

This change in Facebook only goes to show that ‘following’ and ‘unfollowing’ have really become more relevant to the Website. This may mean that users could do more things just by taking such options. And there is surely more in store for users from Facebook in the future.

Both ‘Unfollow’ and its predecessor ‘Hide All’ buttons allow Facebook users to keep being friends with other users. Upon choosing the option, a user may not worry about ‘unfriending’ anyone in his contact list. This action may only result in the posts of another person being hidden from the user’s News Feed stream.

Improving the News Feed

Take note that the buttons would only affect a user’s News Feed. This is one way to start customizing that page to make browsing through the Website a breeze. It also gives users the ‘god-like’ power to finally control what is going on and what is showing up on their own News Feed.

Facebook users would also rave about the feature that would show them if they are actually following anyone on the network. ‘Following’ is a special feature that allows any user to receive public updates coming from other Facebook users he follows in the network. They don’t have to be friends on the social network for a user to receive updates from another user.

Logically, Facebook is aiming to help its users to curate their own News Feeds. It also wants them to see more content especially those that they are most interested in.

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