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Facebook Rolls Out Its ‘Paper’ App amid Criticism about Its Name

Facebook Rolls Out Its ‘Paper’ App amid Criticism about Its Name


Facebook Rolls Out Its ‘Paper’ App amid Criticism about Its Name

Facebook’s new app called ‘Paper’ has become available in Apple Inc’s App Store, initially targeting iPhone users. The app is a hybrid news reader that is specifically designed for mobile use. The launch came a few days after news scoops broke out last week that the news aggregate app from the giant social network would be launched soon.

‘Paper’ app is in history for being the first ever launched product of Facebook Creative Labs. The unit serves as a venue where engineers as well as developers hired by the company convene to craft new apps or at least support more diverse ways of presenting content.

The app can be personalized as users are enabled to add their own stories as well as themed sections based on their personal interests. Its first section is logically the common Facebook News Feed, where photos, videos, and even longer posts are highlighted in an all new layout. Users can then customize it by choosing any from numerous sections, which include sports, photography, science, food, design, and others.

New opponent

Instantly after its launch, Facebook’s ‘Paper’ has already made it to the list of ‘Best New Apps.’ It even garnered a 4.5-star overall rating, another proof that it has been well liked by social media users even just several hours following its roll out. But the new app is set to face a new opponent, and it is not Flipboard or Feedly.

A mobile creation tools builder called FiftyThree claims that long before Facebook’s new app launch, it has already been using the term ‘Paper’ as a name of a blog it owns. Thus, it has been calling Facebook to build a brand name that it can call really own and not share with other parties.

FiftyThree’s own ‘Paper’

For its part, FiftyThree’s ‘Paper’ app facilitates easier ways to capture ideas physically. It was launched in 2012 and had already been named as ‘App of the Year’ by no less that Apple itself. In comparison, Facebook is like taking its time and not grabbing any opportunity to grandstand.

The Facebook app has been active online only since January 30. To this fact, FiftyThree claims that its own ‘Paper’ app is already being affected, with many of its original users now being confused because there are now two ‘Paper’ apps online. Facebook is yet to release any statement regarding this particular conflict.

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