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Facebook Rolls Out ‘Donate Now’ Button to Help Generate Funds for Charities

Facebook Rolls Out ‘Donate Now’ Button to Help Generate Funds for Charities


Facebook Rolls Out ‘Donate Now’ Button to Help Generate Funds for Charities

Facebook Donate Now Button for CharitiesIt is the time of the year when more people tend to be generous. You may not be surprised that some of us now prefer to donate money to charities in lieu of traditional and expensive holiday gifts. Thus, Facebook saw this as an opportunity to give back through facilitating a simpler process to generate donations for nonprofits.

The popular online social networking site has recently announced a new feature to facilitate donations to 19 participating charitable and nonprofit organizations. Those groups have their own Facebook pages, where the ‘Donate Now’ button is embedded within the News Feed posts. The idea is to solicit instant monetary donations online.

Facebook members who are in the generous mood this season could instantly make donations through their debit cards, credit cards, or PayPal accounts. The full donations would be given to the chosen charity. Receipts would be sent to donating members’ primary email accounts that are registered on the social network.

Donating to charities online

In a statement, Facebook declared that it could be used to help people in times of crisis or disasters. The Website added that it could be used by members to check on their loved ones or friends who could have been possibly affected by major calamities around the world. Facebook also commits to provide updates and other measures to facilitate help.

This is not a new endeavor for Facebook. Last year, it launched charitable contributions to its Facebook Gifts. It allows users to make donations to charities anonymously. In November, it formed a partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross for soliciting donations specifically for the victims of the historic Typhoon Haiyan, which devastated central Philippines.

The Donate Now button

The Donate feature was developed to make it easier for nonprofit organizations to easily reach out and seek help from the Internet community of over 1 billion Facebook users worldwide. The first partners in this program were organizations like the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Livestrong Foundation, the World Wildlife Fund,, ASPCA, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and The Red Cross.

More charitable groups are expected to be added to the program soon. Facebook encourages nonprofits to integrate this new feature into their own Facebook profiles. This could be done by filling out online Donate interest form. Visit Facebook for a complete list of all other nonprofit organizations that are part of this endeavor.

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