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Facebook Releases 2013 Year in Review; Reveals Popular Topics Discussed by Users

Facebook Releases 2013 Year in Review; Reveals Popular Topics Discussed by Users


Facebook Releases 2013 Year in Review; Reveals Popular Topics Discussed by Users

Facebook Releases 2013 Year in ReviewThe year is about to end in just a few weeks. But this early, Facebook Inc has already released its own Year in Review. The social networking site reveals the top news and issues that were talked about by its users. To come up with the list, the Website said it measured and counted posts, hashtags, check-ins, and of course, ‘likes.’

In a blog post, Facebook data editor Robert D’Onofrio reiterated that conversations that were facilitated through the social network offer snapshots of what is happening in the world. He asserted that on a daily basis, users post about milestones and topics that are not just close to their hearts but are also important to them. Thus, the much talked about topics are those about engagements, breaking news, and celebrations.

The year’s top topics across Facebook

So what could be the top or most talked about topic in Facebook for 2013? Not surprisingly, it was Pope Francis, who is noted for bracing new technology. He assumed his position in March after former Pope Benedict XVI decided to resign from his post in February. Pope Francis was the first pope to have a selfie this year. The Vatican also became more visible in social networks like Twitter and Facebook because of him.

The second much talked about topic for 2013 was about elections, both in the US and elsewhere, President Barack Obama was given another chance to lead the nation once more amid various hassles. On the third spot would have to be about Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s first-born baby son, George. The UK and many other nations like to be updated about this modern-day trend in Facebook.

Other popular personalities that have also become much talked about included the late former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Another well-loved international hero would have to be Nelson Madela. He is best known for fighting the long war for equality in South Africa.

More topics

Other than the names of famous personalities, some other general topics were generally healthier in comparison. For instance, Disneyland in California was very popular among members. Relationships were also talked about by many users from all walks of life and from various places all around the world.

Most Facebook users also discussed about travel, movies, piercings, new babies, and personal events. It seemed that 2013 was another busy year for all of us.

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