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Facebook Reactions: Not Rolled Out On Your PC, Mobile Yet? Here’s Why

Facebook Reactions: Not Rolled Out On Your PC, Mobile Yet? Here’s Why


Facebook Reactions: Not Rolled Out On Your PC, Mobile Yet? Here’s Why

Facebook was working on options other than ‘Like’ that express empathy for quite sometime now. The whole idea behind new Facebook Reactions is to give the social media site users an opportunity to express more. The main concern was when a natural calamity hits, one cannot ‘like’ the post. That is insensitive. To be able to react more sensibly, Facebook worked on reactions.

The news of Facebook Reactions started rolling out last year. People earlier thought that Mark Zuckerberg and his team are working only on an additional option, Dislike, which users were demanding for a long time. Later, Zuckerberg clarified that Facebook will never be a ‘like-dislike’ community. It will always be more sensible and hence more ways to express will be added to the social media site.

Though Wednesday saw a global launch of Facebook Reactions, the feature has not been rolled out for every user yet. “Reactions, a new feature for Facebook’s ubiquitous Like button that allows you to respond to posts with emoji, will go live for some Facebook users Friday,” reported Mashable. So if you are among the ones who still do not see any changes with your Facebook Like button, then wait! By tomorrow, the feature should be live for everyone. Also, make sure to update Facebook mobile if you are using the site on your phone. If it still isn’t working, then as mentioned above, wait till Friday.

At least now, this feature is available only on the official app, not on third-party Facebook app. To use Facebook Reactions, download official FB app on your mobile.

Facebook Reactions – How to use them?
If you are surfing the site on your PC, then just hover over the like button. You will see several options like – love, like, wow, haha, sad  and anger. Choose any suitable option. If you are using Facebook on mobile, just long press the like button and reactions will appear. Even though it’s a worlwide launch, some users are experiencing issues with the Facebook Reactions feature. Be patient! It will work on your device soon.

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