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Facebook Puts ‘Edit’ Option to Its Look Back Video Feature

Facebook Puts ‘Edit’ Option to Its Look Back Video Feature


Facebook Puts ‘Edit’ Option to Its Look Back Video Feature

If you are among the many Facebook users who have already uploaded and posted your own ‘Look Back’ video on your timeline, there is good news for you. Have you felt like some of the photos in the video were a little off and should not have been there? Now, there is an option to edit the content of the video.

The social networking site has just added a new button that will facilitate such an action. It has rolled out the ‘Edit Your Movie’ button to alter Look Back videos. The button now shows under the player of the video. It is expected to be a welcome feature for those who prefer to take control of the photos included in their own Look Back posts.

Quietly redesigning page

It turned out that Facebook quietly redesigned the video page while it has been spreading in the past few days across the social media. Now, the Look Back video page includes the ‘Edit’ option found in the top right corner, sitting next to the green button that reads ‘Share Your Film.’ As usual, users could click the video to start playing the compendium of their first moments and most liked photos posted on their timelines.

So how does it work? Underneath the Look Back video, there are items that Facebook has chosen to be included in the material. Each photo comes with a blue-colored checkmark. To exclude a photo in the video, simply uncheck the box pertaining to it. There is an option to pick new pictures as replacement.

However, each section would only allow a limited number of choices or picks. That is why users are advised to choose wisely. There are arrows located in the top right corner that allows users to scroll down through the boxes of pictures so users could pick their favorites.

Update or share

On the Look Back help page, users may notice that there are options to ‘Update or Share Your Movie’ right above the video player. Those would logically facilitate saving of changes made and sharing the edited version of the movie online. But the ‘Update’ option would only appear if the video is shared on Facebook.

The Look Back video feature made headlines in the past several days as it was part of the social network’s commemoration of its 10th anniversary. Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the Website would not have fancy parties for celebration but instead would ‘look back’ at the milestones and memories of the past 10 years.

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