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Facebook Planning To Introduce ‘Tip Jar’, A Money Making Feature For Users

Facebook Planning To Introduce ‘Tip Jar’, A Money Making Feature For Users
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Facebook Planning To Introduce ‘Tip Jar’, A Money Making Feature For Users

Facebook is looking for a way to help its users earn money from posts. A feature, called ‘tip jar’, will allow members to receive donations via posts or promoting any cause. Facebook, in return, will also help users earn a part of the company’s revenue from a single post.

A survey was conducted to find out ways users could make money from the social media that lead to include promotion of branded content along with the new feature. In the survey, users were asked to post their thoughts by pressing on the ‘call of action’ button that in a way served the followers to make donations and a “sponsor marketplace” to match users with advertisers, according to The Verge.

However, it is still not confirmed by Facebook whether the new post feature is targeted towards a niche group or to all users. In the current scenario, only publishers are allowed to sell advertisements through “Instant Articles” section. With regard to this, Facebook also made it clear that posts sponsored by brands can only be shared on verified pages.

Other techniques are adopted by testing ads that often pop up in suggestions after a user watches a video. The idea is to share money with the publisher of the video. Reports suggest that it has been over a month that Facebook is trying hard to come up with long-term monetization services for users, notes Deccan Chronicles.

“It is still very early, but we are committed to creating substantial, long-term monetization models for our partners and we are listening to feedback,” according to a Facebook insider.

A similar revenue-sharing program was initiated by YouTube in 2007. The video streaming site allowed selected users to benefit from the program. Another streaming platform, Twitch, allows users make money through merchandise sales, subscriptions and revenue sharing, according to the Times of India.

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